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Our Story

Hello, we are the Jones family and we live in Quitman, AR. Our three sons decided that they wanted to start their own business and came up with the idea of store. Of course we are a very busy family with work, school, and sports activities so it would be impossible to run a brick and mortar store. We brainstormed some ideas and decided that they could still have a store in today's modern world, so they opted for an online only store. 

So 3 Brothers Outlet was born. They wanted to make sure our small town was their target audience so they had to think hard on what they would sell in their store. They came  up with the idea of selling wonderful trendy fashions, home décor, gifts for all occasions, and holiday items. They are going to see what their customers are asking for and will be sure to add new items based on requests. They really hope this adventure will be fun and bring them closer together. 

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